1. Laila K. Johansen,Liv Synnøve Myhre : Information for patients on GVHD of the genital tract after allogeneic stem cell transplantation.

2. Ümit Sayin, Emel Yücesoy-Yetkin & Asiye Kocatürk: Decline in satisfaction ,Contentness, Masturbation, Fantasy & Orgasm Patterns in Turkey.

3.Ümit Sayin, Emel Yücesoy-Yetkin : Mechanisms of Multiple Vaginal Orgasm with Three ESR Cases.

4. Ümit Sayin, Emel Yücesoy-Yetkin & Asiye Kocatürk: Strong and Healthy Pelvik Muscles influence the sexual responsiveness of Women in a very Favorable Way.

5. Ümit Sayin, Emel Yücesoy-Yetkin : Classification of Turkish woman in response to vibrators.

6.Birgitte Schantz Laursen: Sexuality as part of treatment and rehabilitation in patients with cancer and chronic diseases.

7.Susa Ruhilathi: Ethical guidelines for sexuality educators.

8. Ümit Sayin, Emel Yücesoy-Yetkin : The decline of female orgasmic Patterns in the Turkish Society during the last 20.years.

9. Marie Abel, : Implementation of sexuality education and youth-friendly counselling services in Estonia.


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