Preliminary program NACS Conference 2017


Aars, Haakon: Psychiatrist, Specialist in Clinical Sexology
           "Psychiatry and sexuality - a disregarded theme"
            Medications and sexuality 

Almås, Cecilie Brøvig: Specialist in Clinical Psychology
“Intimacy and the sense of self –on sexuality and psychosis”

Almås, Elsa: Psychologist, Specialist in Clinical Sexology, Professor in sexology

          "Rehabilitation of traumatized sexuality through modified sex therapy"


Arcelus, Jon: MD, PhD. Professor In Mental Health and in Transgender Health
“Mental Health in Transyouth”- Results of a large control study

Austad, Atle: Psychologist, Specialist in Clinical Sexology

Georgiadis, Jannico: PhD. Anatomist and Neuroscientist

            “The sexy brain-Theoretical framework and application to sexual health”

Hawwa, Amneh: Specialist in gynecology/obstetrics, Specialist in Clinical Sexology

            “Migration, trauma, sexuality and mental health”
            "Sexuality and culture - when love is subjected to social control"

Kennair, Leif Edward Ottesen: Psychologist, Professor in Psychology
“Risky sexual behavior and health outcomes”


Kirkengen, Anne Louise: PhD, MD Prof.general practice

            “Sexualy Violations – Bodily Inscribed”

Say, Lale: Department of Reproductive Health and Research of the World Health Organization

                “WHO`s work on sexuality and mental health”


Abstract presentations



Nordic Forum for Supervision in Clinical Sexology


NACS Annual Meeting


Social program:


Concert at the Nidaros Cathedral


Gala dinner


We look forward to see you in TrondheimJ

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